The Economic Impact of Inadequate Access to Affordable Quality Child Care for Infants and Toddlers

The results of our statewide survey of business leaders on the urgent need for child care investment as the COVID-19 pandemic continues

The Coronavirus Crisis: Supporting Families with Young Children

Parents of infants and toddlers across New York State are experiencing intense financial insecurity during the coronavirus pandemic, with one in three indicating in a new statewide poll that they are skipping or reducing meals and one in ten saying they are reducing meals for their children.

Reopening Child Care

As New York moves forward with its strategy to reopen, the Raising NY coalition is calling on state leaders to develop and implement a comprehensive and inclusive plan to offer affordable, safe, high-quality child care during this periodrebuilding the child care system so that it is stronger and more equitable than before the pandemic. 

Addressing New York’s Child Care Crisis

At a moment when its survival is essential to the state’s economic reopening and recovery, New York’s child care system is facing an unprecedented crisis.

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